1: Leave your anxiety at home! 

Pets can sense when you are stressed, from the tone of your voice to how you are gripping the leash.  Make sure to keep your tone of voice pleasant, cheerful and relaxed. Telling your pet you know how much he hates coming in,in a stressed voice, only reinforces to the pet that there is something to be anxious about. 


2. Don't reinforce the behavior

Pets get nervous and our first instinct is to pick them up, hug them as tight as possible and tell them it's ok.  Doing this, however, only reinforces the nervousness in the form of a reward.

3. If possible, bring your pet in during a quiet time just to say "Hi".  

Letting your pet get to know the staff and the sights, sounds, and smells of the hospital without actually having anything done to them can work wonders.  A quick hello followed by treats from the staff goes a long way.  Our quieter times are between 12pm and 2pm. 

4. Don't scold the pet while in the office.

Sometimes, pets get nervous and don't behave as they would at home.  It's ok.  Cut your pet some slack.  Even the most well trained of pets may inadvertently urinate or defecate, or not want to get on the scale.  We all understand and we have all been there ourselves.  Punishing the pet for out-of-character behavior in this setting will only worsen the anxiety. 

5. Familiarize Your Cat With His Carrier
We've all done it.  Grabbed the crate out of the garage, swooped the cat up and stuffed him in the carrier.  How terribly stressful for both parties involved. Instead, keep the crate in the house with your pet's favorite blanket and toy and allow them to explore it on their own. Even feed him in the carrier.  Make it a place where good things happen, not just visits to our office.  The more your cat is used to his carrier, the smoother your trip.

6. Try some calming pheromones. 

Before loading your cat in the carrier or throwing your dog in the car, why not try some calming pheromones?  Feliway spray  for cats or D.A.P  collars and spray for dogs can help take the edge off.  If your pet is extremely anxious, let us know.  There are many options we can try to reduce their anxiety. 

7. Pillows?

When loading cats into a car, placing a pillow underneath their carrier can absorb some of the road vibrations. Also partially covering the carrier with a towel to lessen the visual stimuli can help as well. 

8. Bring your pet on an empty stomach, if possible.

We aren't above bribery.  We use a lot of different treats to make pets more comfortable. (We have popcorn, cookies and coffee to make you comfortable.)  If your pet has a favorite treat, bring it with you and let us know. 

9. ​​Wait Outside or In the Car
If your pet remains highly anxious, or simply doesn't like other pets, simply wait outside or in your car. Come in and tell the staff you are there. We can signal to you or call you when the doctor is ready.  Letting us know when we schedule the appointment can help us schedule a time when we can control what other animals are in the building. 

10. Bring your pet's favorite toy

Sometimes a favorite toy in the hands of someone new can be enough to bring a stressed pet out of his shell.  We love to get on the floor and play! 

Williams Veterinary Clinic



With the rising number of homeless pets in shelters who need good homes, we recommend all pets be spayed and neutered.  Williams Veterinary Clinic will not see those who are breeding their animals for money or show. Please check with Flagstaff area veterinarians for your pet care needs. 

We also accept cash and offer a 5% discount on any services over $200.00


​​​​​At Williams Veterinary Clinic, it is our mission to become a trusted partner in your pet’s health care. Through client education and exceptional veterinary medicine, it is our goal to provide your pet with all its health care needs in a friendly, relaxed environment and with a loving manner.

We are a full-service outpatient veterinary clinic with an in-clinic pharmacy, surgery suite, on-site x-ray capabilities and diagnostic lab. We offer an array of medical services to ensure the right diagnosis and tailored treatment plans for your pet. From wellness exams with vaccines included at no charge, to more extensive treatments and surgical procedures, our number one focus is keeping your pet happy and healthy long term. By keeping you up to date and informed with every decision, you are assured peace of mind at affordable prices. We are a privately owned clinic without any subsidized funding of any kind. 

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Daniel Jacoby, has practiced in many metropolitan areas prior to starting Williams Veterinary Clinic, with his partner, in 2012.   He has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for 30 years.  




A friendly greeting and genuine concern.

We want you to feel at home in our Clinic. Every one of us is a pet owner. We know how stressful having a sick pet can be. 


Professional service with a friendly attitude.

Our experienced staff will provide the expert care your family deserves. 

An honest estimate.

Have you ever been somewhere and they tell you one price but when you pick up your pet it is way beyond the original price quoted? Yeah, so have we. That's why our surgical and treatment estimates are our word. Nobody likes surprises. 


 professional, friendly, affordable, small town Veterinarian

​​ We really do love what we do, and we think it shows! 

 At Williams Veterinary Clinic, you're part of our family!





We ask that you leave firearms locked safely in your vehicle while visiting us.  Thank you! 


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All payments are due at time of services. We are unable to accept checks or offer any form of in house financing, payment plans or the like.


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