Boarding facilities come in all shapes and sizes.  So how can you be assured you are taking your pet to the right "home away from home?"

Here are a couple things to consider when making your decision. 

Take a tour!

Touring the facility allows you to meet the people you are entrusting with your pet as well as seeing where your pet will be playing and sleeping.  Its the perfect time to ask any questions you may have.

Check the Vaccination Requirements!

Steer clear of any facility selling over the counter bordetellas or distemper/parvo vaccines requiring you to give them.

  • There is no assurance on how the vaccines were handled prior to you administering them (did they reach room temperature at any time before administration?) or what could happen after the vaccine is given - injection site reactions clear up to anaphylactic shock. 
  • The body takes time to respond to the vaccines.  A Bordetella or distemper/parvo vaccine given on the same day of boarding is not offering any protection. 
  • Most Veterinarians do not accept self-administered vaccines as proof of immunization, meaning, you will more than likely be asked to revaccinate. 
  • Most boarding facilities will require Veterinarian administered DA2PP(distemper/parvo), Rabies and Bordetella for dogs and FVRCP and Rabies for cats. Some will also require FELV for cats as well. 


 What are the activities offered? Do they make accommodations   for pets who do not like other pets? 


When was the last time they were inspected by public health      officials? Will they let you see the report?

Sick Pets

What do they do in the event your dog gets sick or is injured?

Comforts of home

Can you bring your pet's blankets and toys?  Can you bring your  pet's food? 

Through the Grapevine

Referrals from friends and relatives: Do your friends and family board their pets? 

Wags & Whiskers Pet Resort: Located in Flagstaff, they offer full service grooming at very reasonable prices. Our dogs always come back fluffy and clean!  928-214-9234

Aunt Abby's Pet Grooming:  Located in Ash Fork, every pet loves Aunt Abby. And, Aunt Abby loves every pet! Call 928-380-5123 or more information and pricing.

Wags & Whiskers Pet Resort:   Our NUMBER 1 choice for boarding!  Located in Flagstaff, this family-owned facility offers everything from boarding to doggy daycare and grooming.  They offer both suites and regular boarding. They are able to medicate animals and give injections for diabetic patients. Our dogs, Angel & Jackpot love going here and run right in the door. Please click on the link for information.  928-214-9324

The Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel Pet Resort- Perfect for day boarding if you are taking at trip on the train. Located behind the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, this facility offers day boarding as well as overnight stays. Please note if your pet is Diabetic or requires any form of injection, this facility requires you to administer the injections as they are unable. Please click on the above link for pricing and vaccine requirements.  928-635-4224.

Unfortunately, our facility is not large enough to board animals, even for day boarding.  Below is a list of our recommendations. There are other facilities available in the Flagstaff area as well. 

Williams Veterinary Clinic





With the rising number of homeless pets in shelters who need good homes, we recommend all pets be spayed and neutered.  Williams Veterinary Clinic will not see those who are breeding their animals for money or show. Please check with Flagstaff area veterinarians for your pet care needs. 

Nutritional counseling

A friendly greeting and genuine concern.

We want you to feel at home in our Clinic. Every one of us is a pet owner. We know how stressful having a sick pet can be. 


Professional service with a friendly attitude.

Our experienced staff will provide the expert care your family deserves. 

An honest estimate.

Have you ever been somewhere and they tell you one price but when you pick up your pet it is way beyond the original price quoted? Yeah, so have we. That's why our surgical and treatment estimates are our word. Nobody likes surprises. 


All payments are due at time of services. We are unable to accept checks or offer any form of in house financing, payment plans or the like.



 professional, friendly, affordable, small town Veterinarian

PetSmart:  Located in Flagstaff, PetSmart offers full service grooming. Please call for more information and pricing. 928-213-1737


We also accept cash and offer a 5% discount on any services over $200.00



We ask that you leave firearms locked safely in your vehicle while visiting us.  Thank you! 


What to Expect