We ask that you leave firearms locked safely in your vehicle while visiting us.  Thank you! 


Routine Surgical Procedures

Routine and elective surgeries are performed in order to prevent future injury or disease as well to treat or correct certain  conditions or situations.  All surgical procedures have bloodwork prior to the procedure, have tailored anesthesia protocols, are monitored closely and go home the same day.  Most sutures are buried and absorbable, giving the added benefit of not having to bring your pet back in for suture removals.  Also, most pets do not require an Elizabethan collar, removing extra stress for you and your pet. 

Heartworm testing and prevention

If you are thinking your dog doesn't need heartworm prevention, think again!  We are now up to 19 positive cases since we opened our doors in 2012. All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito. Prevention is affordable, treatment however, is expensive.  Treatment for positive dogs can run upwards $1500 or more depending on the size of the dog.  Our heartworm prevention special, which includes testing and prevention, makes it affordable for you and safe for your pet. Also, your pet gets added protection against intestinal parasites as well.  For more information on heartworms, please click here: American Heartworm Society  For more information on intestinal parasites and external parasites, click here: Pets & Parasites


Behavioral issues can be frustrating.  Before diagnosing behavioral issues we need to rule out any physical causes. Many diseases can cause behavior changes - things such as metabolic changes, infection, pain or aging processes.  After these are ruled out, we can look at the behavior and come up with a plan to help both you and your pet.  For severe behavioral issues, we may suggest a Veterinary Behaviorist.   

Diagnostic Services

We offer digital radiography and a complete in house laboratory. Along with our in-house capabilities, we have access to outside experts, including hematologists, histopathologists, ultrasonographers, board certified internists, dental specialists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists. 

Senior Care

Seniors come with their own set of issues. Arthritis, cognitive dysfunction and urinary incontinence are just a few issues we see as aging sets in.  We are here to help your pet live comfortably in their golden years.  There are many medications on the market specifically made for animals to help with the aches and pains of growing older.  Before reaching for the aspirin, please call us.   Giving your pet aspirin can cause unwanted effects on the internal organs and will limit the medications we can use safely as well.

Williams Veterinary Clinic




Puppies & Kittens:Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccines to be properly vaccinated. Call and ask us about our Puppy & Kitten Plans, we've set them up to cover everything your newest addition will need to stay healthy at an affordable price. 

1-6 years: Pets should routinely see their doctor once a year for a full body wellness check.  This can help us catch conditions early and keep your pet healthier longer. 

7- ?: Did you know pets age an average of 2-3 years to our 6 months after the age of seven? A lot of things can change in a short  period of time. We recommend twice a year exams and comprehensive bloodwork. Bloodwork can uncover underlying conditions, such as kidney or liver deficits, diabetes, thyroid conditions, as well as, infections.  Conditions such as these caught early can be medically managed.  Our goal is to keep your pet healthy as they slide gracefully into their golden years. 

COMING SOON! Senior Plan Packages 

Like us, pets need proper healthcare too! From routine preventive care to surgeries, we've got you covered!



Good nutrition is important, but how do you know which food is the best for your pet? We offer a complete nutritional analysis of your current pet food to help you ensure optimal nutrition for your pet.  We can teach you what all that jargon on those labels really mean. 


With the rising number of homeless pets in shelters who need good homes, we recommend all pets be spayed and neutered.  Williams Veterinary Clinic will not see those who are breeding their animals for money or show. Please check with Flagstaff area veterinarians for your pet care needs. 

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Nutritional counseling


Our in-house pharmacy carries a myriad of medications for your pet's treatment. While we do our best to keep our prices affordable, if you prefer to order prescriptions on line, we understand and can help you find the best price from a reputable source. 

Oral Care

​If only our animals would hold their mouths open to clean their teeth like we do when we go to the dentist. Unfortunately, though, this isn't the case. Don't let anyone fool you!  Anesthesia free dentistry is not only dangerous for your pet, it does not allow for a proper cleaning below the gum line nor extractions, if needed.  In order to do a proper dental cleaning, sedation must be used.  Prior to any dental procedure we run complete bloodwork to make sure we can use anesthesia safely.  During the procedure, we scale each tooth, above and below the gum line, check for deep pockets or any periodontal issues, growths or abnormalities in the mouth.  We polish each tooth and if needed, treat the gingiva with a periodontal gel, so your pet can have a winning smile and a healthy mouth. All pets go home the same day after their procedure.


What to Expect

We also accept cash and offer a 5% discount on any services over $200.00


All payments are due at time of services. We are unable to accept checks or offer any form of in house financing, payment plans or the like.

Comprehensive Physical Exam and Consultations - (free core

vaccines included in exams, as needed.) 


A friendly greeting and genuine concern.

We want you to feel at home in our Clinic. Every one of us is a pet owner. We know how stressful having a sick pet can be. 


Professional service with a friendly attitude.

Our experienced staff will provide the expert care your family deserves. 

An honest estimate.

Have you ever been somewhere and they tell you one price but when you pick up your pet it is way beyond the original price quoted? Yeah, so have we. That's why our surgical and treatment estimates are our word. Nobody likes surprises. 



Pets need proper immunizations to keep them healthy and safe from illness and disease.  We do not, however, believe in over-vaccination and tailor our schedule to each individual pet, taking into account lifestyle, age and risk.  We carry DA2pp (distemper/parvo combination), Bordetella, Rattlesnake and Rabies as well as FVRCP (feline upper respiratory complex) and FELV for cats. 

We do not carry the Leptospirosis vaccine. It is extremely rare and there have been no reported cases seen here. If you feel your dog needs this vaccine, please call Flagstaff area Veterinarians.  For more information on Leptospirosis, please click here.